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Watch The Town Online Free - You can now watch Ben affleck’s The Town Online with your friends and family now, and have fun watching Blake Lively, Rebecca hall, Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner. Our watch the town online review reveals that Ben affleck is an unprecedented criminal of a group of ruthless thiefs that rob banks as a profession and take pride in it. Doug has no attachments or fear of loosing any friend or family. He was always a loner and liked it that way.

Doug plays a leader that everyone looks upto and trusts their lives with. All this starts to change gradually when they rob a bank and take the bank manager, Rebecca Hall, as a hostage. Doug falls for the beautiful sophisticated Rebecca but, the other members of the group don’t like this and start to rebel. Rebecca hall falls for Ben Affleck not knowing that he is the same guy who had her at gunpoint and robbed the bank that she works for.