Discovery Channel Hostage Gunman James Lee Dead

James Jay Lee -- the gunman who took hostages today at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Maryland -- has died after being shot by police.

The man who entered the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, Md., with a handgun and what appeared to be explosives Wednesday, taking several hostages, is being described in news reports as an “environmental activist.”
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Watch the full video on the hostage taking and killing of James Lee caught on TAPE Here

If so, his ideology is reminiscent of the infamous “Unabomber” – Theodore Kaczynski, now serving life in prison for a series of mail bombings that killed three people and injured 23 others.

The man in the Discovery Channel episode, identified by law enforcement officials as James J. Lee, apparently held beliefs similar to Kaczynski: that human population growth and modern industrial development imperil the planet.

Several hours after the episode began, Mr. Lee reportedly was shot and killed by sniper. Three hostages were released unharmed.

According to police, Lee unsuccessfully spoke with several negotiators during the standoff.

Cops say tactical officers managed to get close to Lee ... and saw him point a handgun at one of the hostages. That's when officers decided to open fire ... killing Lee.