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Its nice to see that actors can forget about what they usually get paid per movie and come together to make an action film that we have been waiting to see. This film is gonna be the "summer blockbuster" of the year, as well as highest grossing in a lot of categories!

I mean a former "Mr. Universe",as well as one of the greatest action superstars, Arnold Schwarzenegger! (But we got to get you out of the govenor's office..Sorry!). A former "WWF Wrestling Champion", Stone Cold Steve Austin! A former "Ultimate Fighting Champion", Randy Couture! One of the greatest "Martial Artists & Action Superstars", Jet Li! The man who gave us "Rocky Balboa & John Rambo", who's an action star legend, & director, Sylvester Stallone! One of the best action stars in Hollywood, who's films are some of the highest grossing worldwide, Bruce Willis! Add the great action star of today, Jason Statham, action star who can play a good guy, or bad guy better than most, Dolph Lundgren and a movie star on a great comeback, Mickey Rourke!

Then throw in Ravi Shankar, Terry Crews & Eric Roberts, and you've got a special kind of action film that comes around only once in a lifetime, THE EXPENDABLES MOVIE ROCKS!

ENJOY THE MOVIE GUYS!!!! Download the Movie on the Link Below...

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