New iPhone 4G Gizmodo Review

New iPhone Gizmodo – Apple Desires iPhone 4g Prototype Be Returned by Gizmodo. Gizmodo recently published a photograph of what appears to be the new iPhone. The story is that the prototype was found in a San Francisco area bar, and was owned by someone identified as an Apple employee.

The new iPhone featured in the Gizmodo photos was camouflaged in an iPhone 3gs body so as not to spark curiosity while it was being tested by the employee.

The leak for the new iphone Gizmodo was just a secrecy leak by the technology manufacturer Apple. Apple inc. had to issue a letter for the return of the device which was lost by a software engineer from Apple. The iphone which was held by Gizmodo earlier was a prototype of the Iphone 4G.

You can watch the video showing the New iPhone 4G here.